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Zodiaq FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions Zodiaq®

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What are Zodiaq® quartz surfaces?

DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces are a new brand and category of surfacing products from DuPont. They merge the beauty of natural quartz with DuPont technology to create a new and exciting aesthetic for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Because Zodiaq® is made of quartz, it combines the unusual light play and depth of quartz crystals with exceptional clarity in a broad range of radiant colors. Quartz is one of the hardest naturally occurring materials, with a rating of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs' scale of hardness; as a comparison, diamonds rate a 10 on this scale.

What colors, thicknesses and sheet sizes are available?

The Zodiaq® palette of 24 colors ranges from Cloud White to Space Black. Slabs: Available in 52" (1.3m) x 118" (3m). Thicknesses: Available in 3/4" (2cm) and 1-1/8" (3cm).

In what types of applications can DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces be used?

DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces are suitable for most interior horizontal and vertical surfaces in both commercial and residential applications.

Potential commercial uses include health care, lodging/hospitality, food service, education, retail, entertainment and corporate spaces, and as wall cladding, work surfaces, reception desktops, sills, bar tops, vanity tops, wet bars, tabletops, transaction counters, bars and other surfaces.

Potential residential uses include kitchen and bathroom countertops, wet bars, tub decks, tub and shower surrounds, furniture, and desktops - any application where the bold new look of Zodiaq® complements the design.

Can Zodiaq® be used in food preparation areas?

DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces can be used anywhere in the kitchen, or wherever food is prepared.

What care and maintenance does Zodiaq® require?

DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces are very easy to maintain because they are durable, nonporous and chemical-resistant. They require no sealants or waxes to retain their lustrous gloss and ultra-smooth surface. Routine cleaning may be done with a damp cloth or paper towel and, if necessary, a small amount of non-bleach, nonabrasive cleanser. For more information on caring for Zodiaq® quartz surfaces, please visit the Care and Maintenance section of this Web site.

How well does Zodiaq® withstand heat, scratches and stains?

Zodiaq® is resistant to heat, scratching and staining, but is not heat-, scratch- or stain-proof. Therefore, the use of trivets or hot pads is recommended under hot pots, skillets or roasting pans. A cutting board should be used when slicing or chopping, especially with a serrated knife. Spills should be wiped up quickly; a nonabrasive cleaning pad and a non-bleach cleaning product may be used to remove stubborn or dried spills.

For more information on caring for Zodiaq® quartz surfaces, please visit the Care and Maintenance section of this Web site.

How much does Corian® weigh?

1/4" (6 mm) sheet = 2.2 pounds/square foot (11.5 kg/square meter)

1/2" (12.3 mm) sheet = 4.4 pounds/square foot (23.0 kg/square meter)

3/4" (19 mm) sheet = 6.6 pounds/square foot (34.0 kg/square meter)

What is the difference between Zodiaq® and Corian®?

Zodiaq® quartz surfaces, the newest miracle of science from DuPont, were introduced in 2000 as a dramatic new surfacing product for horizontal and vertical applications. The defining characteristics of Zodiaq® — depth, clarity, radiance and strength — offer extraordinary design opportunities.

Corian®, the original solid surface material, has evolved over the past three decades into a versatile material with unique qualities of translucency, formability and compatibility. It can be used for horizontal or vertical surfaces, or shaped into numerous products and design innovations.

To learn more about DuPont's surfacing options, visit the Compare and Combine page of this Web site: Compare Zodiaq® and Corian®

Can Zodiaq® and Corian® be used together?

Yes, of course. A Corian® sink can be installed in a Zodiaq® countertop, for example. Each material can be inlaid into the other, either along the edges or on the surfaces, for a dramatic design statement. Just as both Zodiaq® and Corian® may be combined with other materials - chrome, stainless steel, glass or brass - they are compatible with each other.

Is there a warranty for DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces?

Yes. For residential applications, there is a 10-year, limited installed product warranty against defects during manufacture. Commercial applications carry a 10-year product warranty.