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Earthstone FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Earthstone™

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What is the composition of Earthstone® Solid Surface?

Earthstone™ Solid Surface is a proprietary mixture of all-acrylic resins, with fire retardant mineral fillers and proprietary coloring agents. It is considered to be a 100% acrylic based solid surface material.

How can Earthstone® Solid Surface be used?

Recommended residential applications include countertops, bars, work surfaces, bath and tub surrounds, shower walls, table tops, vanity tops, window sills, and fine furniture.

What is Earthstoner® Solid Surface?

Earthstone™ Solid Surface is a solid material intended for interior decorative and functional applications where a stone-like appearance, enduring beauty, durability and ease of maintenance are desired. The colors saturate the thickness of every panel. This allows for extensive customizing capabilities.

What colors are available in Earthstone® Solid Surface?

Earthstone™ Solid Surface is available in 8 stone-like patterns. Earthstone™ and Gibraltar® are the only solid surface materials that are color consistent to Wilsonart Laminates and coordinate with all other Wilsonart products.

Can custom countertops be created with Earthstone® Solid Surface?

Earthstone™ Solid Surface is very workable. It can be shaped, routed, drilled, cut and sanded to various finishes by your certified Wilsonart® Solid Surface fabricator. Simple to intricate surface and edge treatments can be created with Earthstone™ to coordinate with any décor. Earthstone™ is open to your imagination.

Can Earthstone™ Solid Surface be adhered to other materials?

Earthstone™ Solid Surface can be successfully adhered to acrylic sheets for decorative accents or inlays. Earthstone™ Solid Surface should not be adhered to solid wood strips or inlays. Because of the hygroscopic properties of wood, it can absorb water, which would cause unequal expansion and possible delamination of the bonds. A wood or colored inlay can be achieved by using wood veneer or Wilsonart Laminate set into a routed groove. Techniques are also available to inlay metal strips.

What about cigarette burns or stains?

Neither leave lasting effects. If such an accident should occur, apply an abrasive cleanser and buff with a Scotch Brite® pad in a circular motion. For gloss and semi-gloss finishes, contact your fabricator.

Will hot pans or cooking (or heating) utensils and appliances damage Earthstone™ Solid Surface when placed directly on the Earthstone™ Solid Surface?

Earthstone™ Solid Surface is very heat resistant. We do not however, recommend setting hot pans or appliances directly on the surface. Always use a trivet with legs for precaution.

Has Earthstone™ Solid Surface been independently tested to meet industry standards?

Yes. Earthstone™ Solid Surface has undergone rigorous and extensive ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) testing. In addition Earthstone™ has met NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Class 51 Food Zone and Splash Zone requirements, FDA compliance for food contact and many other independent tests. All of these approvals are performed by independent laboratories. In addition Wilsonart International performs additional testing to assure our customers of the suitability and longevity of each and every Wilsonart “Smart Source” product.

How long will Earthstone™ Solid Surface wear and last?

With proper care and maintenance, Earthstone™ Solid Surface will provide many years of enjoyment and use without losing any of its original beauty or color. It is backed by a ten year limited warranty when installed by a Certified Wilsonart Solid Surface Fabricator. See Care & Maintenance for complete care information.

Can Earthstone™ Solid Surface be used in food preparation and food contact areas?

Yes, Earthstone™ Solid Surface is in compliance with FDA (Section 175.300) and National Sanitation Foundation NSF-51 Food Zone for all commercial and institutional applications. Earthstone™ Solid Surface is also fungi and bacteria resistant as per ASTM G21 and G22.